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eLauncher (c)   the portable digital life TV - Android / BlackBerry / IPone Smart Mobile
 eLauncher is a development of the SecureScrypt group in Germany, and all functions are under copyright of the developers. SecureScrypt, Neoi, eLauncher, WOW and associated  terms and names include the developer Bowitz (Germany) and are registered under a  notary seal. You need  more information, then request by  email from: bernardbowitz@gmail.com  or directly to: registration@elauncher.de
SecureScrypt, Neoi, eLauncher , WOW und assozieirte Begriffe und Namen gehoeren dem Developer  Bowitz (Deutschland) und sind notariell eingetragen. Mehr Informationen gibt es durch email von: bernardbowitz@gmail.com   oder eLauncher direkt :  registration@elauncher.de