eLauncher download and installation instructions

 From your Android Phone open http://neoimarket.com

Click on Download / Install
Click on  to start Paypal transaction
after successful transaction you see the following screen
Download will start, after download finished, follow standard Android apk installation process
once installed open elauncher application
elauncher application will start in basic mode to unlock all features you MUST register with your valid email address!
Click "Register" and EXIT the application
reopen the application and "Login" now the login is saved to Your device.
DRM ( Digital Rights Management) WARNING! eLauncher is protected under the DRM. Do NOT attempt to copy, hack or otherwise the application, this would be a criminal act and can be punished in serious cases with prison or otherwise with high penalties and fines.
Any questions for help or installation problems, please contact registration@elauncher.com  or info@securescrypt.com you will receive a reply within 24 hours.
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