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eLauncher - digital live TV
eLauncher includes:         

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Although Android V 4.1.X and higher should play elauncher, we recommend to install the following VPlayer drivers, so You can enjoy all eLauncher functions.


VPlayer Video Player 3.2.3

Install for  Free

VPlayer Video Player 3.2.3 for BlackBerry Install for  Free

VPlayer Codec ARMv7 1.4.0

Install for  Free


Vitamio Plugin ARMv7+NEON 1.2.8

Install for  Free


VPlayer uPnP DLNA Plugin3.0.1

Install for  Free


eLauncher Smart TV Box V4.0 - for all TV Models- converts normal TV into smart TV - HDMI - Video out - A/V - WiFi - Ethernet  - Pre-order V4.0 now for 15 March 2015 delivery - worldwide shipping included - EUR 95.00


VLC Player Version fuer  Android  wenn VPlayer nicht geladen werden kann. VLC Player for Android if VPlayer cannot function.

Install for  Free

Flash Player Version fuer  Android  SMART TV und eLauncher Empfang. Special Flash Player for Neoi TV and eLauncher.

Install for  Free


Neoi TV German - English Mediathek - weekly updated with Movies and Series from Europe and around the world. Watch the latest Movies on Mobile, Tablet, Iphone, Android - anywhere in the world no restrictions! One time charge EUR 5.00


Neoi verified FTP Client for Android Install for  Free




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