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SecureScrypt Neoi*  Introduction Main Business - Software design and Development

Since 1978,first BEI Deutschland, then Pace* Telecommunications Deutschland - USA - Japan, Neoi* provides design and development, manufacturing and distribution of High Tec products.

 With more then 60 partners worldwide, over 300 designer engineers, we can develop almost everything that is electronic, consumer related.

We are specialized in security products since 1989, developed the first encrypted Satellite Telephone until today having developed the first "add-on" cross-platform System, to encrypt any existing mobile and fix device without having the user to buy a new Phone or other devices.

In the Consumer products division, we offer very advanced Home Care systems for anybody in need, with special unique development for the dement individual. Based on our communication experience we are in the position to offer small and easy to control devices for anybody, giving them security and access to the help they need on a moments demand.

Our Far-East Consulting services are welcomed and used by many of satisfied customers world-wide.

 We offer fast and easy designed applications (APK) to enable any company to offer their services via a Google play APK! Become visual to the world with Your own company APK.

Neoi* offers many more services and products please refer to the listings on the sidebar and our various partner's and division's websites.

Technology Partners

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